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Fake Money Detector Simulator


This application helps you to detect counterfeit money, you can scan fast and easy money and check whether it is original or fake.It is very simple to use, choose if you going to scan is a coin or a ticket, click on the button to make a photo and the scanner will begin to operate. At the end of the scan process real money detector will tell you if it is true or false.This detector fake money scans all type of coin and banknotes of any currency: euro, usd United States dollar, Japanese yen, pound sterling, Mexican peso, Chinese yuan, Indian rupee, dirham from the United Arab Emirates, Swiss franc, Australian dollar and Canadian dollar.You can analyze the money from home or from anywhere in the world and at any time.The best free money in store play detector. You can download this application and install for free.It will be soon updated this application with information on how detect coin fake, it will contain a manual to find out important points to find counterfeit money. In addition will include a converter of currency and the change of currencies and rate of Exchange, that will be very useful information to the user who make international flights or travel abroad to ensure a cheap holiday.Remember that it is a joke app for fun. It is not a real money detector, is a simulator of scanner codes and money. A fun application to fool your friends, they will believe that scan fake money can, but that is not possible with any mobile device.